Tuesday, 9 May 2017


it's easy enough to say
"i love you"
many said it before
and later walked away

but relentlessly standing there
by my side
in darkest days
when it cost you everything to care

then leading me out of that dark hole
toward the light
of all my dreams:
you said "i love you" with your soul

thank you

Saturday, 22 April 2017


We are all walking
down a very narrow road
some side by side
some before or behind
some with places to go
   things to do
some aimless
but walking, nevertheless

We are all walking
so near each other
on this narrow road
we feel each other's warmth

But each has his own
or so he thinks
so none of us
walk together

Saturday, 29 October 2016


You heroes of such great renown
just doing your job, as you were told
You brave police who beat them down
so they can pipe their poison gold

Was there a line you wouldn't cross?
You fired on them while they prayed
Showing them who's really boss
How dare they faced you, unafraid

Though in the end they couldn't save
the water from a well-armed fool
They showed the world who's truly brave
and who is savage, mad, and cruel

The dying millions give you thanks
The job where you were once employed
put so much money in their banks
but now the water's been destroyed

You've no excuse. It's all on you.
You made the choice. Your soul defied.
But since your kids need water, too
You had to watch them as they died.

Now everything has all gone south
And everyone you love is dead
Please take that pistol from your mouth
And drink a glass of water instead

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


They say that when you die your spirit soars
into the stars above this dreary globe
and others think you walk down peaceful shores
reviewing life to earn a shining robe
but though I might offend our God most high
I dare not set a foot on heaven’s stair
it’s beautiful up there where angels fly
but can’t be paradise with you elsewhere
I know it hurts, but cut a little hole
and carve a place to fit me like a glove
for heaven’s gate to me is in your soul
please hide me there inside your deepest love
     I cannot rest in peace eternally
     unless it be within your love for me

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


You go to school to learn to read and write.
You conquer math, and maybe take the arts.
But where's the course in treating others right?
Why don't we study healing broken hearts?
It's pain that gives the worst teaching of all.
The test comes first, the lesson after that.
But no one's there to help you when you fall,
and Life will never take you where you're at.
A chosen few might stumble through this world,
and find the things they need to pass the Test,
but by the time that wisdom is unfurled,
the need for it was long since laid to rest.
     But learn to hear the teachings of your soul
     and you've already reached the final goal.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I think the trick to writing well is hate,
for who can write a classic when they’re calm?
But when hot anger drives you to create,
your heart explodes as deadly as a bomb.
It’s passion that sends soldiers off to war,
the same red heat that tempts a lover's play.
But anger sends the soldier back for more,
while boredom makes young lover’s lust decay
Tell ladies their love's worth a heavy cost.
Such sweetness might just woo them into bed.
But as sheets cool, such sentiments are lost.
The angry poem remains when love is dead.
     I’d rather read a sonnet full of rage
     than see a sappy ending mar the page.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015


We dance beneath the place where angels tread
the stars are up there twinkling in the sky
but I would rather look at you instead
and wish upon the sparkle in your eye
The mournful trumpet singing in the night
tells sullen tales of lonely souls out there
it feels wrong while holding you so tight
and your soft cheek on mine seems so unfair
But if I'm friends with Fortune's random chance
just for a while, I'll gladly pay the debt
what do I owe for this exquisite dance?
though I pay dear, I never will forget
     the lady causes heaven to descend
     I only wish this song would never end

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


looking up at those two stars
it made me realize
before I fell down here
I was never truly alive
and now that I am
I'm not afraid to die

before I saw those stars
life was just a dream
a lie, a fantasy
but then I came alive
and I'm still awake
inside the memory

they opened up the door
to life and peace and liberty
eternity and unity
if I give myself completely
to the light I see in them
I'll live forever

then why should I
be afraid to die?
death has no power
compared to the memory
of being filled with light
spilling so freely from you

   You'll never really understand
   how absolutely safe you are
   from ever feeling unloved
   unwanted, unadored
   as long as love exists
   those two shining stars
   are breath itself to me

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


There is thunder in the night
so beautiful, it's scary
but nothing else is right

There is a secret up that stair
a heaven I won't know
though I plainly see it there

There is a knife in the soul
it cuts and wounds and hurts me
but also makes me whole

There is a song in the air
so deep, it's unfathomable
but it's me who put it there

There is a missing piece I need
I've learned to live without it
but the wound will always bleed

There is a hand in the cold
that would have been life's meaning
that I will never hold

There is thunder in the night
the thunder brings us terror
but also gives us light

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Monday, 10 February 2014


I said goodbye
after lunch
that random summer day
I said thanks and
see you soon

I never knew
it was forever

If I'd seen it in your eye, that sad
and lonely, faraway look, then I
I would have hugged you longer
I would have talked some more
told you how important you are
to me, how much you mean and
always have. I would have wept

That goodbye
after lunch
that random summer day
was silent as time
and just as final

"Goodbye. See you soon..."

I never knew
and someday that thief will come for me.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


little boys will play at war
hacking with their wooden swords

they'll beat each other black and blue
'til arms and legs and heads are sore

never knowing how to win
or what they're even fighting for

luckily, they grow to men
and don't play that game any more

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


A little bit of fear begins to flow
like blood released beneath a careless knife
a single dripping thought: that I don’t know
one inkling of the meaning to this life
another cut, and now I wonder why
the bad go on while those you love are lost
apparently, what’s right does not apply
what’s right and fair and logical was tossed
and now the angry thoughts come rushing out
the open wound, and all the pain I feel
comes pouring forth with all my darkest doubt
a flood of fears that mental wounds reveal
   Time can heal wounds of every kind
   but what can stop the bleeding in my mind?


for me to live, some other life must die
I’m living still, but I have never learned
the answer to the simple question: why
such sacrifice for life I haven’t earned
for every little thing my days require
the food and drink, and all my other needs
are wasted gifts, like flowers on a pyre
if there’s no real profit in my deeds
the finish line is looming in the race
but let my crossing over be delayed
if I can make the world a better place
then maybe this great debt might be repaid
   I owe so much to gracious mother earth
   perhaps she knows how much I’m truly worth

Thursday, 13 June 2013


in the beautiful golden sunshine
beneath the canopy of lush, life-giving green
where birds sing praises for every breath
beside the sparkling waters of the stream
the beautiful children are killing each other

the sun shines on
painting the green in golden light
and turning the waters to liquid diamonds
with the music of life all around
the beautiful children scream and cry and hate

but when the fighting stops
the trees will be cut down
the animals will be hunted to extinction
the stream will be blackened with oil
and the sky will be darkened with the smoke
of their industry, their progress, their unity

let them fight
forever children
never growing up

Thursday, 11 April 2013


after I am gone
they'll probably say
that I loved life

I didn't
life hated me
life abused me
life abandoned me

I loved people, though
my favourite people
are the only reason
I'm still here

you were all
so precious to me
I put up with all this crap
just to spend more time
with you

and if you
should ever miss me
just love the things I loved
and give each other hugs

Friday, 17 August 2012


each night I lie my head upon my bed
and sleep, my one escape from life descends
then free from cares, I fly with you instead
up heaven's stairs until the nighttime ends
such perfect bliss the darkest slumber brings
and though I know this dream's a false facade
your smile lifts my soul like angel's wings
and in your eyes I see a hint of God
for love's forgiven all of my mistakes
and for my sins, your kisses will atone
but heaven ends the moment morning breaks
and once again my soul will be alone
   Though I may never see love in your eyes
   I'll rest in peace in nighttime's sweetest lies

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Though others look at her and see her eyes
apparently they're blind to all that's there
and she herself will never realize
that she can slay with just a simple stare
for when I look at her I can't pretend
that she is just a normal pretty girl
my heart is slain and now I must ascend
as hurricanes of love begin to swirl
but I'll climb up where angels freely fly
it's dizzying and scary, but I know
that starry sky will make me wonder why
those blinded fools would ever let her go
   and though i die, I cannot help but praise
   the stairway up to heaven in her gaze

Thursday, 17 May 2012


i found a piece of heaven in the dark
a dream i hope will help me make it through
in blackest night I saw a shining spark
such heaven in the pain of losing you
I took for granted all that lovely bliss
assuming you'd be here eternally
and now I miss one thing in this abyss
that little gift is everything to me
there's nothing good about a heart destroyed
except for this one thought I now hold dear
a precious treasure lost I once enjoyed
has made my heart's desire crystal clear
   the sweetest thing about a love gone cold
   it's made a simple kiss worth more than gold

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


a summer breeze
breaks up sunbeams
that flutter down between the trees

and down below
upon the stream
that sunbeam's kiss makes ripples glow

but in your eye
I see a gleam
that makes all other beauties die

and now I see
this pretty dream
reflecting sparkles into me


the gloomiest clouds
water flowers that stand tall
when the sun returns


the cruelest word
must be spoken
the real truth
is plain to see

the sweetest dream
must be woken
you can accept

the universe
is just a token
the real gift
can ever be

your stubborn heart
must be broken
the real you
can be set free


There is a tear
   in God's eye
with my name on it

I'd rather
   make Him

I play the game
   the world taught
selfishness and hate

I'd rather
   just be

Thursday, 5 April 2012


When I am dead and everyone I know
has followed on with me into the Night,
when time and history have laid us low
and all the world we know has gone from sight,
when all our happy days have given way
and stories we once shared are told no more,
when all our descendants have left to say
is that the world was different before,
then let somebody open this and see
that I was once alive but always knew
I grasped in vain for immortality
unless mere words can share my soul with you.
   I'll die someday and it will be a shame
   if you've read this and only know my name

Thursday, 15 March 2012


I gave my heart to you and was decieved
I gambled all and all my love was lost
I took a chance because I once believed
that in the end, true love is worth the cost
I took a vow, forsaking all the rest
I never knew how hard my heart would fall
for in the end, you made me second best
and second best made me nothing at all
now only cold and bitterness remain
just giving up seems safe, but I'll be brave
my devasted faith will rise again
when true love comes to lift me from this grave
   there's always one more chance for love's rebirth
   as long as I remember what I'm worth


As long as men make profit off of war,
we'll never see the seeds of justice bloom.
Until their lies don't fool us anymore,
the world, it seems, is destined for its doom.
Will mankind ever snap out of this spell,
and make this dream of peace reality?
Can we create a heaven from this hell,
and cast their hateful mountain in the sea?
The haters need to keep us in a trance
without a hope of any help above
It seems the dreamers haven't got a chance
But God is on the side of those who love
   Their ugly old reality will break
   When dreamers are the ones who are awake

Monday, 5 March 2012


glancing off ripples,
some bright moonbeams have escaped
dying in the lake

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Bananas are a funny fruit indeed
They're yellow and they're shaped like half a wheel.
But there's advice about them that you need:
Be careful! Don't go slipping on the peel!
So many ankles broken! Arms all bent!
Banana peels have caused so much dismay!
But though the fall may give my bum a dent,
they're yummy and I'll eat them anyway!
Perhaps the lesson is to throw them out.
The peel, I mean. Don't drop it in the hall.
That littering is bad there is no doubt,
Especially when a peel might make you fall.
  Oh God! My spinal cord! It needs repairs!
  Some joker dropped a peel on the stairs!


Monday, 27 June 2011


Once upon a time, it was a cloudy rainy day
It was cold and gloomy and everything was grey
But time passed by, tears were dried, and clouds all went away
Now it's warm and sunny and everything's okay
But worries still disturb me, even as I play:
The gloom, it will return; the sunshine will not stay
Worrying won't change that though. Sometimes you gotta say
It's sunny out right now, so let's be happy anyway

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


   flying through darkness
    toward a distant flicker
       two fireflies meet

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The bitter chilling wind cuts through my coat
to steal the precious warmth away from me
it wraps its icy hands around my throat
and chokes away my weakly wimpered plea
so helplessly I stagger through the cold
in search of some reprieve from Winter's grasp
but he will not release his deathly hold
until I've given out my final gasp
but then a figure walks out of the storm
as staggered and as chilled down to the bone
perhaps we two might keep each other warm
it's better to share heat than die alone
   this cold's a foe one person cannot fight
   we'll make it if we hold each other tight.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011


A flock of ravens flew right through my head.
I tried to shout, but my voice failed me.
Then one turned back while all the others fled.
It landed there atop the highest tree.
"What are you doing here?" it squawked my way.
"Since when can ravens talk?" was my reply.
"We always could!" he said, and added "Hey!
Since when do humans float up in the sky?"
And then I saw that he was sort of right.
When I looked down, the street was far below.
Somehow I'd left the ground and taken flight.
"That's pretty weird," I said. He squawked, "I know.
   But humans are so lost within their pride,
   that they don't even notice when they've died."

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I found a piece of soul upon the ground.
The lifeless little thing looked cast away
from some sad rogue who's no longer around.
He left it there to wither where it lay.
I picked it up and on my hand it stirred.
Though dead so long, it quickly came alive.
And so I offered it a loving word.
Apparently my care would make it thrive.
Then later on I found a lonely girl,
half dead from damage to her wounded soul.
The piece I'd found had taught me to unfurl
the words and love she needed to be whole.
   And through our love I solved the mystery:
   That piece of soul I'd found was torn from me.

Friday, 10 December 2010


that star
has been there


its light
hasn't hit you

Thursday, 25 November 2010


The world is cold.
The bed is warm.
Let me lie here
and miss the storm.
The day is long
and troubles swarm.
The world is harsh,
beyond the norm.
So many toils
I must perform.
Five minutes more,
let me be warm...

five minutes more,
let me be warm.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


it's just one lonely letter
but it means everything
never let it go
if you want it
it's yours
here it is


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


(for Uncle Errol)
Life feels like this lovely dream I had
my greatest treasure by my side
Now I'm awake and everything's gone bad
That lovely dream I had has died

Now you're gone. You left me far behind
And all my joy has gone as well
Another dawn just seems so damn unkind
I've got to face this living hell

Is there more to life than all these hard times?
Is there's more to life than all this pain?
Is this some punishment for all of my wretched crimes,
come back to haunt me once again?

Oh, God please answer me one final prayer
Out of my agony I cry
If you can hear me from way over there,
just pull the plug and let me die...

The silence cut me like a knife
Apparently there's more to life

Forgive me for my lousy attitude
But I've been trying to count the cost.
I guess I oughta show more gratitude
but it seems like everything is lost

And I'm just searching for some meaning here
How do I spend this extra time?
What do I do with my remaining years?
How do I make this reason rhyme?

Is there more to life than all these hard times?
Is there's more to life than all this pain?
I don't know how to pay for all those wretched crimes,
and make them right for you again.

God please answer me one question
On my knees I'm begging you
If you detest all my transgressions,
how come you didn't kill me too?

The silence cut me like a knife
Apparently there's more to life

They say the Lord is Love and Mercy
but I think they might be wrong
Why didn't he go ahead and curse me?
He knows exactly where I belong.

But here I am, awake and breathing.
Will all the answers come some day?
It's gotten hard to keep believing
I guess I've gotta find a way.

There's more to life than all these hard times,
and all those sins I can't erase.
I know i'm guilty of the darkest crimes
But now I'm living his amazing grace

God, you could have let me die there.
But here I am still in the dance.
Now I've only got one final prayer
just help me earn this second chance.

The silence cut through all my strife
Apparently there's more to life

Monday, 20 September 2010


a skeleton's there

hidden inside
this muscle
and skin

a prisoner inside
these walls
so thin

waiting his turn,
for death
to begin

I fight every day
but he
will win

and others may weep
but he
will grin

when all that remains
is bones
and sin

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


So maybe you're a little scatter-brained,
flitting through life just like a butterfly.
Your pretty little thoughts go unrestrained?
It's criminal as rainbows in the sky.
So what if you procrastinate sometimes,
and suns go down when you've got nothing done.
I can name ten million more worse crimes
than spending precious life just having fun.
And maybe you are sometimes immature
How that's so bad's mysterious to me.
If silliness is sin, I'm fucked for sure.
Life's way too short to take it seriously.
   I know you disagree, but all of these
   are things I see as your best qualities.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


The lips that slip from mine release the tip
of my whip-weary tongue that danced with yours.
You slip it back and hold me in its grip
while your sweet slippery fingertip explores
the wetness that you licked onto my skin,
and places where your kisses haven't been,
your touches drop a promise deep within
that patience places heaven in between
the time when your lips last pulled off of me
and heartbeats til the luscious kiss returns.
Between the two seems like eternity,
an ecstasy where my whole being yearns.
   I've never known a paradise like this.
   My world lost to the promise of a kiss.

Friday, 25 June 2010


"What do you want?"
she called down from the window
a blanket that still smelled of me
covering her nakedness.
"I just wanted
to get my red sweater,"
            I said.
"Who's out there?"
a voice mumbled from behind her.

She ignored him,
hoping I hadn't heard.

After a moment she muttered
that she'd be right down.
She sounded annoyed.

It was sad that I meant
so little to her.
The voice in the window had told me so.
But when she handed me the sweater
I'd given her to keep her warm
on the cold lonely nights,
the voice in her eyes
told me I'd run through her past
at full sprint
and was already gone.
Now I was just a sweater,
handed over without emotion
on her way back up
to the voice in the window.

That's what I'd told myself
as I walked
through my tears,
that I was just a sweater,
tried on,
and tossed away.

I hugged it to my heart
once more.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


I sweat with fright
   in the hot scary night

the candle and the fan
   cannot get along

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I accidentally spilled poison all over the floor
at mom's house
her dog is dead now
and her house will never be the same
but she made me supper
and gave me a hug

Sorry, mom
until next time

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


you clear, clean,
sparkling cool river,
spilling across the land,
desperately searching,
endlessly meandering,
struggling along
over dead, dry ground,
hoping, dreaming,
wishing for something
to quench your
cruel, bitter
neverending thirst.

Monday, 21 June 2010


I watch

      two graceful birds,
      icons of devotion,
      unity, completion,
      glide together,
      side by side,
      in the grey and windy sky,


Sunday, 20 June 2010


Some people think that love is a lie,
a danger to those whose hearts are denied.
That's why they hurt and just wanna die.
They're drowning in all the tears they have cried.
Love can be rough, I won't deny.
But it makes me wonder if you've ever tried
looking within for answers to why
you seem to think love comes from outside.
Go to a mirror. Look yourself in the eye.
The love that you seek is somewhere inside.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


the shortest poem ever
trying to be clever

      but whatever

the longest poem ever
trying to be clever

      but whatever




the short one

Friday, 18 June 2010


The broken cup
says "Fill me up!"
You pour and pour,
but she still needs more.
"Please, please!
I feel empty inside,
It's like a disease!
It's like I've died!
I need more of you!
Please help me get through."
You hope she's okay, then
it trickles away again.
Now she needs more,
so you pour and you pour.
Finally you're scared
you'll have no more to share,
so you cut her off
til the cup is repaired
and she thinks you don't care.

Ever been there?

Thursday, 17 June 2010


the end of me
   the end of me
      has come to be
   here beside the crashing sea
a cold wet grave here catches me

my soul is free
   my soul is free
      me and the sea
   boom in syncronicity
but soon the sea's forgotten me

what's left of me?
   what's left of me?
      my footprints. See?
   booming momentarily
beside the crashing sea

the crashing sea
   the crashing sea
      will always be
   booming still, long after she
erases all my memory



Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I love you.
More than you will ever know.

I need you.
You're more precious than my life.

Do not forget.
That nothing could ever replace you.

And always remember.
I'll always be there for you.

Let me know.
If you need anything at all.

See you soon.
Any time you call my name.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Should I lend a generous hand
to the man too poor for poison?
Should I give in to his demand
and buy him booze to moisten
his burning soul aflame with grief
o'er the misery his life's become?
Should I finance the cruel thief
that's stolen all but breathing from
this wretched soul who wants to die
or at least to sleep oblivious
to all the world. Should I
show kindness to the devious
addiction binding his poor soul,
or starve it just to punish him
with kind neglect, an empty bowl
of misery filled to the brim?
Tell me, Lord, what should I do
if I wanted to be just like you?
In silence I just walked away.
He'll have to quit just for today.

Monday, 14 June 2010


I rode the Earth around for one more spin
the sun is down and only stars remain
the day is gone and night has settled in
and it's a day I'll never see again
the day went by like every other one
I sat around and squandered all my time
and in the end I got no great things done
these wasted days are such a heinous crime
and there in bed I tally up the cost
I tell myself tomorrow I'll repay
but deep inside I know the chance is lost
I'll never pay my debt to yesterday
   each night the sunlight's last remaining rays
   remind me that I'm running out of days

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I wrote a poem praising rain
and the lack of umbrellas
when that blushing maiden
with long, dripping hair
and narcotic curves
stood nearly naked
in a clinging white dress
asking me to walk her home
at the beginning of
a hot summer night
I will never forget.

"Poetry is gay!" he said to me.
Then he turned back to watch
those sweaty, grunting muscle men
wrestle around with other sweaty men
half naked on the floor.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


the lonliest little bird
in this desperate world
sings the prettiest song

in this desperate world
with such a pretty song
he won't be lonely long

then without his pretty song
I'll be lonely all alone
and will have to sing along

Friday, 11 June 2010


I lay awake beneath the lonely moon,
my mind astir with worries of my life.
And as time passed, I watched my cares balloon
to all the world, lost in a sea of strife
What can I do, O Moon, for this dark world?
There's so much pain! I'm just one little guy!
Then suddenly, the answer was unfurled.
From up above, the moon gave me reply.
"Hey, little friend, there's something you should know.
Without the sun, I'm just an old grey stone.
Don't be decieved. I borrowed this sweet glow.
I'm only dust, without light of my own.
   And so are you. When darkest night descends,
   just share some light with all your hurting friends."

Thursday, 10 June 2010



The atoms of an atheist
do not believe that he exists
But he believes in them, so small,
but not in God who made us all.


If Adam's little atoms don't believe,
how will they ever become one with Eve?
If Adam and his Eve aren't even one,
no wonder there's no peace beneath the sun.


If I believe my enemy
is made of atoms, just like me,
and atoms, made of energy,
are made of God, then so is he.

Then how come we feel enmity?
If God is love, then so are we.
The sin is in our liberty
to reject God and him and me.

And if we choose stupidity,
denying things we cannot see,
clinging to pride so callously,
then peace on Earth will never be.

And all this animosity
is 'cause I first rejected me,
deceiving myself, ironically,
because atoms are all that I see.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Old men search out
the perfect hole
and then erect
a standing pole
and wave their
flapping flag from it.
But when they have
a mighty pole,
young men seek out
whatever hole
and then they
fight to make it fit.

Girls, bless
their eager souls,
find their flags
on fallen poles
without the depth
that they require.
But women have
a different goal.
They know a
stronger, deeper pole
will wave their
flags much higher.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Each child you create takes half your soul,
a little bit from dad, the rest from mom.
and once that piece is gone you're never whole.
The healing lies in who your kids become.
You try your best to teach them right from wrong,
but you've got bills to pay and worries too.
Sometimes you feel your heart's just not that strong,
and sometimes you just don't know what to do.
But hold to this when each dark storm arrives,
and guiding stars are veiled behind a cloud:
those pieces of your soul touch many lives;
the part of it that's left should feel proud.
   Your sacrifice has left an empty space,
   but thanks to mom, the world's a better place.

Monday, 7 June 2010


on my own
patch of ground
with the weed
ripped away
from the tangle
of my roots
as beautiful as ever
but screaming now
in an agony
noone can see

half wilted
but healing
free to grow
more beautiful
than ever
but screaming now
in an agony
noone can see

the weed
became a part
of me
in misery
now there's just me
set free
but screaming now
in agony
noone will ever see

Sunday, 6 June 2010


a lost girl, frightened, afraid,
feeling vulnerable, insecure,
finds a dirty, nasty,
disease-ridden blanket
in a grungy alley.

She picks it up,
wraps up in it,
feeling safer.
It offers no warmth,
but she can hide,
use it as disguise,
even as it infects her.

And now she's filthy,
afraid of being punished,
if she tries to return home.
So she stays in the alley,
month after month,
wrapped in the disease.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


The robin is the rockstar of the birds
from there upon his stage up in the trees,
belting out his lyrics without words,
he's pleasing all the ladies with such ease.
The chickadees back him up with their chatter;
the windy pines add choir to the song;
the woodpecker pounds out a rhythmic clatter.
This music entertains me all day long.
Pretty lady birdies come a-flockin',
but, robin, you don't care that you're a star.
Your soulful ballads keep us all a-rockin'.
But you're just singing 'cause that's who you are.
   But while the robin's wooing, here am I,
   without a song as pretty girls go by.

Friday, 4 June 2010


I don't believe a bug like me can fly.
I've got no wings. I'm just a little guy.
I'll eat my leaves, grow old, and then I'll die.
But caterpillar flight is just a lie.

You won't convince me. No. Don't even try.
Some bugs may buy this nonsense, but not I.
This life is all there is and then... Goodbye.
But caterpillar flight is just a lie.

Cause flying's for the birds up in the sky
And bees and dragonflies go zipping by
but If I leap from here, I'll simply die
cause caterpillar flight is just a lie.

If you say that it's true, then I'll deny
And if you keep it up, I'll simply sigh.
Just stop this silliness. I'll tell you why:
Cause caterpillar flight is just a lie.

Sometimes I wish I could give it a try,
just take a leap of faith and soar so high
But alas, I kissed that dream goodbye
Cause caterpillar flight is just a lie

And so I'll inch along beneath the sky
But I won't let a tear come to my eye
if caterpillar flight is just a lie,
What difference does it make for me to cry?


Oh, Mister Caterpiller, my, oh my.
I've heard you well, but here is my reply:
Yes, caterpillar flight may be a lie,
but someday you'll become a butterfly.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I met a man one sunday morn,
he was headed off to church,
his Bible tattered, ripped, and torn
from years of deep research.

He asked me, "Won't you come along?
Come worship, learn, and pray.
Repent the things you're doing wrong
and learn to just obey.

I see you've got a heavy pack
that's full of God knows what
He will forgive if you turn back.
Repent your life of sin and smut!"

"Well, sir," said I, "we've never met,
and yet you've prejudged me.
I don't know you, but I regret
that I must disagree.

You've taken God and stuffed him in
a cramped and tiny little box.
One day a week you meet with him
in your tiny little flocks.

You hear things you already knew
until your faith revives.
And when it's done you go back to
your happy little lives

But the God I always knew
fills much more space than yours
You couldn't even get him through
those tiny little doors

He lives in every single soul
who cares for those he loves
The ones that rescue, guard, console,
and heal his broken doves.

There's teachers who devote their lives
to showing children wrong from right
And who knows what deep valour drives
The cops who keep you safe at night

There's doctors who will fight to save
a child who can't be healed
There's soldiers who go to their grave
to be a helpless stranger's shield

And parents struggling with their bills
to keep God's children warm and fed
have sacrificed all of life's thrills
to give his lambs a soft warm bed.

All these men and women prove
this faith of which you speak
they worship him with every move
all seven days throughout the week

And when they die he'll welcome them
with trumpets and with song
these lowly sinners you condemn
were walking like him all along

For this is what the Lord prefers
when he showed the narrow Way:
That our faith be not in words
but in loving action every day.

I suppose that I could try to be
like those behind your church's door
Or you could come along with me
and help me feed the sick and poor."

"Your pack's not full of sin and smut,
or stuffed with some poor sucker's riches?"
"No, sir," said I, "Not riches, but
some apples, milk, and sandwiches."

Alas he turned and walked away.
"The sermon's nearly started..."
But I had one more thing to say.
I called to him as he departed,

"Your church is just an old stone box
with people sitting on a pew.
God doesn't care for cold dead rocks.
He'd rather live in the Church of You."

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Go forth and do some good today, you bum!
Don't make me kick your ass right out the door!
You sit there while these crimes go on! You're scum!
You're worthless! I can't take this anymore!
I knew Lois chose wrong when this began.
I should have seen this coming when she said,
Oh, mother! He is such a super man!
She should have snagged a law student instead.
But now she's stuck with you, you lazy slob!
You think you're some kind of super hero?
Why don't you go and get a real job!
This crime-fighting gig is paying zero!
   Oh sure! Just fly away, you piece of turd!
   You won't amount to nothing! Mark my word!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


There's a child kneeling in the grass,
clawing at her face,
weeping bitterly
out of upturned eyes.

The pretty pink balloon
with its bright white ribbon
is now a distant dot,
drowned in the vastness of the sky.
The reassuring pull of the string,
that had tugged on her hand all day
like a puppeteer,
making her dance amidst the graves,
is gone;
she is slumped over now,
her hands lifeless in her lap.

She's not weeping with regret,
not mourning letting that happy little string
slip her bungling grasp--
the balloon looks so pretty up there,
flying free, alive,
seeing the whole world at once.

She's weeping because
her beautiful friend,
that bouyant globe of captive life,
once lost in the clouds
will be gone forever.
She cannot follow it;
she cannot fly.

She feels thick and heavy,
as dead as the headstone
she leans upon to weep.

Monday, 31 May 2010


There are sunshiny beaches, lined with priceless gold,
flowing in waves with each gently sighing wind.
And there are deep, deceptively warm crystal blue seas,
crashing over me with life, power, and mystery
Sunsets in coral skies, kissing me, filling me
with sweet heat, promising the starry night
The night opens wide, receiving me,
wrapping around me--ecstasy, until all is blurry
It moves over me--the sands, the sea, the sky,
and now the moon and a million exploding stars
I lie in this dream, this diamond universe,
staring up in awe, naked, awake, alive, so very warm
The sky captures my kiss; the moon presses into me,
the sand slides over me, the sea looks into me
And the infinite stars, they love me back,
endlessly, carelessly, ecstatically--they know me.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Though humans might believe that they are wise
they've grown so numb to everything they've got.
They walk around deceived by their own lies
in trying to become something they're not.
A flower doesn't try to be a bird.
We have no voice to sing a mating call.
And flowers cannot fly. That's just absurd.
We have no choice. We're flowers and that's all.
But if you asked a flower, she'd say no,
though birds can fly I do not envy them.
I haven't got that power, but I know,
my beauty lies in being who I am.
   Your beauty too, is never very far.
   All you must do is be the rose you are.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
and when you feel you can't take more
waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
and when you feel you're getting weaker
when everything is getting bleaker
the waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
and sometimes when you're feeling stronger
the harder times keep getting longer
and waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
the ocean continues its constant pounding
until you feel like you're drowning
and the waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
they're crashing over you like thunder
it feels like they'll pull you under
the waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
and when you think you're facing death
you catch one more small snatch of breath
and waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
They've been here a million years
but so have you and you're still here
and waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore
and you'll be here a million more

and waves keep breaking on the shore
on the shore
on the shore
keep breaking on the shore

Friday, 28 May 2010


      The trees are talking;
Ten thousand yellow sparkles
         say hello to me.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


nobody knows what waits for us beyond
once time runs out for us and we are done
if asked of it no wiseman can respond
all they can say is death takes everyone
much hope is placed in heaven at the end
not simply fading into empty void
our souls are trusting that it's not pretend
that there's another life to be enjoyed
at best we only guess what's over there
for from this vantage point our eyes are blind
reality's around us everywhere
a curtain to the world of light we'd find
   i'm confident that heaven's really true
   death's only sting is saying bye to you

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Where's my next smoke?
Where's my next smoke?
Where's my next smoke?
What a cute chick!
Where's my next smoke?
What class do I have next?
Where's my next smoke?
What am I going to have for lunch?
What a cute chick!
Where's my next smoke?
"Where's the party this weekend?"
Where is the party this weekend?
Where am I going to get the money to party?
Where's my next smoke?
What a cute chick!
What class do I have next?
Where's my next smoke?
Who's that cute chick?
She's coming this way!
What a cute chick!
"Do you have an extra smoke?"
What class do I have next?
Where's my next smoke?
Where's my next smoke??
Where's my next smoke???

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hey, someone took that shopping cart away
from on the sidewalk where it stood all week!
It's little things like that that make my day,
cause otherwise my job is pretty bleak.
All I do all day is pick up litter.
With so much ground to clean it's quite a chore.
Though I try my best not to get bitter,
I clean it all and the next day there's more.
And soon I'll face the litter and the weeds,
and mowing lawns all day beneath the sun.
I'll slave away until the day receeds
just knowing that the work is never done.
   Oh, damn it all! It breaks my weary heart.
   Around the bend's another shopping cart.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


When I cannot deal with reality,
when life's pressures are overwhelming me,
you promise me lies that all will be well,
and lies are okay, compared to this hell.

You make me forget the pain of the fight,
the same way a sunrise drowns out the night.
The night is still there when I close my eyes,
but when I'm with you, the agony dies.

But there's just one thing I don't understand.
Do I simply have my head in the sand,
or is what you say the only thing true?
If truth causes pain, I'd rather have you.

Is it okay to just change how you feel,
and never to deal with things that are real?
Choosing a dream over being afraid
seems like it might be a pretty good trade.

But this inner cry will never be quiet.
Pain, when ignored, breaks into a riot.
It may be a lie, but I just want peace.
I only want this whole riot to cease.

Please cut through my soul like a cold steel knife
Dying with you is far better than life.
A lover, a bottle, a god, or dreams
are all simply ways to drown a soul's screams.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Who knows.
God, maybe.
Noone else does.
We will never know.
Though we all may wonder,
none of us can understand
why we fight so hard to conquer
the things we hate inside our psyches,
that inner ape that some would call a soul.
What's the point of fighting that old beast,
when in the end we die the same?
The answer is the question.
The only beast is fear
of a pointless death
This fear blinds us
to our souls
where love

Friday, 21 May 2010


The brutal sun beats down upon my head.
The work is hard and hardly worth the pay.
Oh how I wish I could be in your bed,
and face this burning sun another day.
This never-ending battle I can't win.
The sun attacks relentless from above.
I'd rather feel the heat of your sweet skin,
and toil for the pleasures of your love.
But here I am still working while I dream;
the dream is all I have to get me through.
And though I am so weary I could scream,
I'll do it all tomorrow just for you.
   Though I am chained to labours I abhor,
   this cruel fate just makes me love you more.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


light our nights
from afar;
of worlds
that once were;
they guide us
when we're lost
in the dark;
they inspire
songs, poems, wishes,
without lies;
and your dreams,
their gravity catches them
and everything changes.

   Think of me
   when you see a star,
   and I'll light your night,
   I'll revive dead worlds,
   I'll guide you home,
   I'll sing poetic promises
   from an honest heart,
   I'll catch your lost dreams
   in my gravity
   and sling them back to you.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


If I am gone before the springtime's done
I hope that I'll be loved by everyone
If I should die before the summer ends
Let it be said that I had many friends
And if I go before the end of fall
I hope you can't begin to count them all
And if I end before the winter does
I hope that at least one knows who I was
   For I am better off to die alone
   If I'm not loved by who I'm truly known

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Though I lie so silent in the dark,
sleep, like a nervous bird, has fled from me.
The ship of dreams has made me disembark
and beached me on this dark reality.
And if I tried to count a thousand sheep,
ten thousand more await me in the fold.
The ticking clock ticks on. The seconds creep.
The minutes pass. The night is growing old.
Insomnia has no power when you're here,
but haunts me every night when I'm alone
and I shall lie awake all night, I fear,
just pondering the Sandman's empty throne.
   But still, the hardest thing I'm going through
   is that I'm missing sweetest dreams of you.

Monday, 17 May 2010


cold and solid,
hard, impenetrable,
over the long, dark winter,
let the sunshine in,
and the tears of the sky.

Now a flower grows,
a vulnerable little bloom,
so courageous,
surrounded by dead stone,
daring to rise,
defying a cold, unfeeling world,
making it more beautiful.

My trials are never easy,
but never hard as yours.
Be brave, little blossom;
keep struggling toward the sun,
and glowing there.
I'll give you water when I can,
and learn to love my life.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Soft, sweet strawberries
cut deeply into the stone wall,
breaking a gap in the cold rock.
It cracks; I quake inside, and it crumbles.
The dust settles, dancing in the sunbeams,
stirred by the wings a butterfly,
and falls to rest upon the rubble
before the kiss has dried upon my lips.

Pretty red fingernails
slash through my heavy bonds
freeing me to fly once more,
the gentlest touch, a gleaming sword.
The chains that held me there so long
fall away like withered grass,
as intangible as broken promises.
I shiver, rising, weightless, fearless, free.

A sparkling green stairway
looks down into the pit I'm in.
It sees me there, and calls
watching as I lift my foot to step.
It holds me, unblinking,
leading me forward, leading me up,
out of the dark, miry clay,
toward another strawberry kiss.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you, you prick?
Why can't you show a little bit of class?
The way you treat some people makes me sick,
and makes me wanna kick your fuckin' ass.
Just who the fuck are you to judge that dude,
to hate him cause he's from a different race?
You're weak and lame and cowardly and crude.
It makes me wanna kick you in the face.
But luckily I'm not that kind of guy.
Just think of all the drama I'd create.
You'd prob'ly just fall down and fucking cry,
and walk away more full of foolish hate.
   In life, only the truly strong prevail,
   but racist little bitches fucking fail.

Friday, 14 May 2010


an unlocked cell,
a bright sunny day
is no blessing
to the lost soul
emerging from a cold hard dungeon:

my unchained wrists feel naked,
your warmth is a burning to my frozen heart,
your wide open skies
and boundless floral fields
leave me exposed, vulnerable.
your sweet promises are tangled
in the web of past lies.
your gentle kiss, a storm.
I panic. I retreat.
I hide, alone, and weep:

all the dreams and hopes
that got me through
are here before me now,
but my fingers crumble like dry clay
as I touch them.
this freedom isn't real
because I do not exist.
the walls and chains are gone
but the prison,
where I died,

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Step toward me,
in the cold, dark, jagged night.
move near, dear heart
come to me and hold me tight;
rest with me a while
from the constant cruel fight
and breathe with me;
everything will be alright.
meet me there,
in the place where souls ignite
and stay with me,
inside love's newborn light.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I once thought only you could own my heart,
that none but you could ever claim that throne,
that without you, my life would fall appart,
and if you left I'd always be alone.
And when you walked away I was destroyed.
Life went on, but I just couldn't cope.
My dreams of love were cast into a void.
My soul felt dead and I lost all my hope.
But time marched on and healed that despair,
and looking back from here I finally see,
I'd thought you were the answer to my prayer,
but God has something greater planned for me.
   One simple truth has calmed my darkest fear:
   If you were my true love, you'd still be here.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


If my heart should ever fail
and I give up on you,
If I let my fear prevail
and selfishness break through,

If I abandon all my dreams
of holding you each day,
If I grow deaf to passion's screams
and let my focus stray,

If I turn my heart away
from all you've done for me,
If I let resolve decay
and set my angel free,

If destiny is just a lie
not even worth the fight,
If it's wrong to even try
to set the errors right,

Then what's the point of going on,
if you've lost your guiding star?
Without a star to wish upon,
you've lost a part of who you are.

The very thought enrages me
such weakness I condemn.
For loving you courageously
is part of who I am

Monday, 10 May 2010


I should have danced with you
I should have held you tight
I should have told you that I loved you
I should have held you every night

I should have learned my lesson
When the tears fell from your eyes
I should have seen love dying
but I hid inside my lies

I should have sent you flowers
I should have poured you wine
I should have left you love notes
I should have made you mine

You never asked for much from me
Just the smallest little clue
That everything you did for me
Was finally getting through

I should have told you you're amazing
I should have shown the world
I should have written this so long ago
I should have told them you're my girl

But it was always my own self
I focused on the most
My issues, needs and hang-ups
My skeletons and ghosts

I should have stopped to kiss you
I should have, every day
I should have made you feel loved
I could have made you stay

Your love is so amazing
and now I finally see
The most selfish thing I could have done
was love you perfectly

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Like petals tossed into a summer breeze,
she writes a line of verse across the floor,
then twirling back, the second line agrees,
and now the drifting petals seem to soar.
I wonder as the poem goes dancing by,
how every move is adding brand new lines.
And as I watch one pretty petal fly
the rhyming and the rhythm intertwines.
But there's one thing I cannot understand--
the way she makes those miracles collide:
the beauty of her poem seems somehow planned,
yet random as the wind the petals ride.
   My words can't reach across that great expanse,
   so I'll just sit and watch the lady dance.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Such a pile of stuff I must sort through
the overwhelming chore that eats my day
so many other things I'd rather do
It takes too long to clear this pile away
Every little thing here has a place
but all I do is sit all day and stare
I'm worried by the trouble I will face
But this task is more than I can bear
And the day is quickly flying by
I might as well get up and get it done
I pick things up and sort them with a sigh
so far behind the racing summer sun
I hear the happy laughter from the park
But I've still got to do so many things
By the time I'm done it will be dark
I'm missing all the joy that summer brings
And one by one my friends go home to bed
while I throw my treasures on the shelf
the ticking clock has filled me with such dread
I fear that I'll be out there by myself
It seems like I've been doing this since dawn
I spent the whole day cleaning up my room
The sun has set and all my friends are gone
I weep alone inside this tidy tomb

Friday, 7 May 2010


Courage, courage, my sweet love.
it's not an easy ride.
we're going down a bumpy road,
in dark without a guide,
with jagged faults in narrow seats
and flaws we can not hide,
slamming brand new bruises in
before old tears have dried,
injuring each other's hearts
against our rigid pride.

but Love's the stronger cushioning
when she and pain collide,
and bumps and bruises aren't so bad
with love on either side.
over time a soul's worn smooth
until collisions glide.
the jagged faults are worn away
and flaws are cast aside.
patience perfects passengers
with fear of pain defied

and though it's painful, dark and rough
i love you by my side

Thursday, 6 May 2010


They say if love is true, you set it free.
If it was meant to be, it will return.
That's what they say, and I fully agree.
If I tied down your love, I'd never learn:
true love loves you for who you truly are,
and even if you left me all alone,
I'd rather wish upon a distant star
than wish upon a false one that I own.
So I'll seek out each feather that you've lost,
and help rebuild your tattered little wings,
I'll help you fly again at any cost.
True love's a song that only freedom sings.
   I place the final feather with a sigh.
   An angel is much sweeter in the sky.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


She watched his car drive away,
staring at the long red streak of tail lights
reflecting off the rain-washed street.

She turned left
and looked up at her father's house.
There was an ache inside her,
part emotion and part flesh.

She couldn't find her keys.
She lost them in the man's back seat.

She stood crying at the place
where the sidewalk met the road.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


My pretty goddess
has turned the universe upside down:
suddenly heaven, and everything
my heart desires,
everything bright and wonderful,
the very heat, and light,
and gravity of the sun
is beneath me.

And she's turned the universe
inside out:
my life, my love, my very soul
is on the outside,
wrapped all around me,
squeezing me,
moving up and down me,
in sweet slippery ecstasy.

My goddess,
everything is backwards:
I feel like I'm dying
here with you,
letting go of everything,
and it's so beautiful,
safe and free,
like being born.

Monday, 3 May 2010


My Love, though I don't even know your name,
I'll hold to hope and still believe in you.
You're out there and I know you feel the same.
Though we've never met, our love is true.
We're one, so I can't help but love myself.
I look into your soul and see me there.
I can't love you with my heart on the shelf.
I love the soul that you and I must share.
Apart we hide behind our weak facades,
still feeling lost, alone, and very small.
But when our soul unites, it's just like God's,
And this is why they say love conquers all.
   We are two halves of one divided soul.
   Imagine what we'll do when we are whole.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


When Adam was first made, he was like God,
both man and woman in a single life,
but God looked down and saw the life was flawed,
so He split him in two and made a wife.
Everything that's pretty, soft, and sweet,
he put into the woman that he formed.
The man alone was no longer complete,
but Adam's lonely bed was finally warmed.
And so it's been for many thousand years,
each newborn child is given half a soul,
and we must search the world in toil and tears
to find true love and be completely whole.
   But when I finally meet my dear, sweet love,
   then we'll be as complete as God above.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


the days are a grave;
the hours
until I see you again,
piled too high,
bury me,
too many
cold, colourless,
dead days.
I wait,
sometimes sleeping,
always dreaming,
while warm winds
blow the weight away
slowly lifting it
from my darkened eyes,
longing for the sun to shine
on another moment with you,
my only life,
my single joy,
the breath of my soul,
my resurrection.

Please don't forget
that I'm down here
waiting to be with you again.

Friday, 30 April 2010


They marched, all doomed,
toward the distant cliff
writing their lives
with footprints in the dust
too soon they're gone
swept off within a blink
shall we pretend
it's not the same with us?

The spinning earth
waits, hungry for our flesh
we walk along
toward an earthy maw
while stars look on
indifferent to our plight
its gravity
binds spirits to the Law

And yet I find
such simple joy in this:
that looming Death
can't make contentment bow
our naked love
will shield us from fear
for I'm alive
inside your love right now

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Will you be by my side through all my wars,
not giving up until we have prevailed?
Will you pursue my dreams like they were yours?
Will you still stand by me when I have failed?
Do you believe in all that I can be?
Will you come help me grasp what I can't reach?
Will you become the footprints under me,
and carry me along life's darkest beach?
Will you come lie with me when I am cold,
and hold me in the night when I'm afraid?
Will you still be there when I'm grey and old?
Did God send you to grant the prayer I prayed?
   The kingdom of my heart contains a throne
   that stands unclaimed until such love is shown.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The lord lives in a little house,
a small, ramshackle hovel
barely fit for rats.
The roof sags,
the rain leaks in.
The windows are grimy, cracked;
the wind whistles through them.
The door hangs on one struggling hinge.
The cellar is dank and cold;
the floor dusty. It creaks and groans.

And out of this house,
he composes such wonders
as would change the world.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


They return to heaven
rising from the darkness below
floating slowly upward
the sky is full of them
little shining lights
of purity and innocence and love
unselfish, unconditional,
galaxies of the tiny, unstained souls
nobody wanted.

Monday, 26 April 2010


I died tonight in dreams of loving you,
where touch is not required to fan the flame.
Flesh dulls you and denies what's really true:
In perfect love, two souls become the same.
When love is separated from itself
behind a wall of pride and fear and doubt,
then all I am is set upon a shelf,
a treasure chest that feels inside out.
But truer than the pleasure of my skin
is dying to the will to be apart,
and breaking through the flesh where I begin
you rise into the heaven of my heart.
   The ending of ourselves we shouldn't mourn.
   A universe of love is being born.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


They say,
and feel,
and think
they understand.

They don't.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


I cannot make the flower grow.
I can water it, place it in sunshine,
watch over it, turn it, be attentive,
but I cannot make it grow.
My words are empty, impotent, meaningless,
a never-ending circle of pointless reasoning
when words are not what she needs.
She simply needs time.
I can only sit by and watch,
waiting for the first green shoot,
the sprout, the leaf, the stalk,
and then the bloom.
But I cannot make the flower grow.
She will stand tall in the sunshine
when she is ready to.
And I can only wait.

Friday, 23 April 2010


I'd fight the world for just a little kiss,
leave everything behind for just a smile,
or go through anything just knowing this:
very soon, I'll be with you a while.
Each day I try so hard to make things right.
My life is in an awful mess, I know.
Yet you believe in me with all your might,
courageous faith that helps my courage grow.
And all the things I try, I can achieve,
if I believe in the same things as you:
that anything I wish I will receive,
like love, and joy, and all my dreams come true
   I'm so grateful for my loving daughter.
   No matter what goes wrong, I've still got her.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


black, endless sands stretch out in all directions;
miles and miles
and miles
of hopeless wandering
never ending
beneath a cruel burning sun
that beats down like hell
from which there is no penance

and I stumble
arguing with the burden on my back
mute, beaten,
thirsting for the cool, quenching arms
the arms that I myself

"That's it!" she said,
and pulled the plug from the wall
angry that I hadn't died,
killing me with a quick, sharp yank.
And all went black.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The best poems of friendship, love,
and devotion
are written by underappreciated
veterans, mothers,
and deities
in their own blood, sweat,
and tears,
and can only be read in our hearts
as we remember how they sacrificed
their very lives for us.

When trying to reply,
to at least acknowledge
that we've heard, understood,
and appreciate
the poem they've written,
their sacrifices,
mere words fail.
Like arrows shot toward the heavens,
they fall short.

We must write our replies
as they have,
with courage, dedication,
and strength of heart,
with our very lives,
and not to them,
but to our own friends, neighbours,
and children,
to all the world...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I know a girl who scatters love like seeds,
searching for a patch of fertile ground,
but flowers cannot grow among the weeds
and so far she has sown where weeds abound.
An angel sweet as her should never crawl,
but selfish souls have torn her wings apart.
She's given love and that's no fault at all
but too much giving drains a fragile heart
How weary, worn, and wounded she's become
in searching for someone to make her whole.
Yet like a rich man begging for a crumb,
she's blind to all the beauty in her soul.
   But he who finally helps her love to grow
   will feel more joy than he can ever know.

Monday, 19 April 2010


there are no tears when a soul dies
no mourning, no sorrow, nothing
there is only the notion that
these things should be there, but aren't
there is only a picture of the sadness
you know you should feel
projected on the walls of your mind
but without your soul you can't feel anything
only fear and anger remain
for they are physical
all else is void
you are merely a robot
there is only the avoidance
of physical pain and stress
and the seeking of pleasure
there are only physical drives
you do all things because you have to
but you are not motivated
not deep down inside where it matters

perhaps your soul died of a wound
a wound to your conscience
when it said stop but you didn't
when it said don't but you did
it was trampled and buried
by physical indulgence
when you knew something was wrong
but you did it anyway
and ignored your soul's pain
it was wounded
when you sought only pleasure
over and over again
and ignored its pain
over and over again
then you realized your life was empty
you called your soul to battle
but it did not respond
it had become too weak to fight
and died without a murmur,
neglected to death
and now you feel nothing

perhaps you starved it to death
abused, misused, your cries unheard
you couldn't bear the pain
it felt safer to be dead
then you found that place
deep inside, in darkness
a place where you do not have
to be alive, to feel the pain
you banished your soul in there
ignoring all its muffled cries
locked in that black dungeon
you were safe from the pain
but it was cut off from hope, love, joy
all things that keep souls alive
then one day your situation changed
and you decided it was safe to call it out
but it did not respond
it had become too weak to fight
and died without a murmur,
neglected to death
and now you feel nothing

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Beyond the delusion,
that being good is enough,
that I can earn happiness,
peace, security,
by the merits of good character,
that life has meaning,
that I matter,
that there's purpose,
that there's joy in simply being loved --
here, in reality,
is a cold, rocky, wet, dreary place,
stretching on forever,
from horizon to horizon
                               without end
beneath the grey and looming sky.

Here I lie alone amidst bones of broken dreams
and the ashes of lives reality has destroyed.
Here I lie dying,
adding myself to the Great Grave
because I sought the truth,
I went beyond,
I wandered too far,
looked beyond that outer wall --
beyond the Stage with all its props and actors,
I went further,
and died in my mind
before my time.

And I see the ghost of my child
still playing inside the delusion,
still seeing the lie, and loving life.

Touch me once again.
Let me feel your warmth.
Awaken that sweet blissful lie.
Embrace my bones,
and try to ignore the empty eye sockets
and skeleton grin.
Warm me with the lie.
Just long enough
for me to say

Saturday, 17 April 2010


The rain does not require the thirsty rose
to earn a drink or answer for its flaws.
It gives itself until the flower grows,
and never asks repayment or applause.
And love is just my will for you to be
Not someone else, but simply, truly you.
For loving you makes me more truly me
and being you is all you need to do.
True love is not a hunger but the cure;
It has no lack but wanting you to shine.
And so it is with love when hearts are pure;
so shall it be with you when you are mine.
   Now stand I here with heaven next to me,
   in paradise when you're in ecstasy.

Friday, 16 April 2010


The sunset is so beautiful
before the death of the day
blazing across the universe
in my eyes, gold magenta
fading to black, falling away

the story ending in such glory
dropping into blackness
before my eyes, orange light
splitting, spread like arms
brilliant streaks reaching
the bottoms of the clouds
saying goodbye,
the clouds glowing themselves
in reply: "Please, don't go...
Don't give up. Stay forever."

the blinding radiance
fading, dying, dimming out
my breath is snatched away
I stand in awe, gaping
this treasure more beautiful
than gold, and as fleeting
as a dream, a mere memory

the last beam stretching
above the covetous horizon
sets the tears in my eye
aflame, like slippery jewels,
liquid amber flowing down
and falling away

the stars, cold and silent
creep up behind me
reminding me that it's over
the day has died
and everything else is
loneliness, emptiness
darkness, and fear
the blackened sky offers
nothing, except the wish
for an eternal day.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


scents of heaven dispersed
into my windy life

I chased them
with butterfly nets

they slipped my grasp
and were gone

but in all my chasing
the scents had perfumed me

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


If at my death I'm still afraid to go,
look at my life and you will surely see
open books of things I'd sought to know,
verses balked, and songs without a key,
entire chapters of my life undone --
years of joy I would have surely known,
over now before they'd yet begun;
unfruitful seeds I'd never even sown.
More time would not have given me more life;
your years are not a measure of success.
Just tell me though, why were mine full of strife,
enough to block my victories with stress?
   No strife and stress could drain my joy away,
   not if I'd got to hold you just one day.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I woke from a dream of childhood
where all is joy,
and peace, and play,
and freedom to be happy.
I woke from that dream prematurely
into a kind of death...

Now I stumble through this miserable day
drunk with fatigue,
and the cares of this life,
longing just to sleep,
to return once again
to that beautiful dream.

     Hush clamorous world.
     Be still, be quiet,
     and let my baby sleep.
     Let her dream the dream
     until she is finished with it.

Monday, 12 April 2010


How do you say thank you to the men and women who risked their lives, and lost their lives to secure our freedom, our way of life, our peace and prosperity? How do you say thank you to the men and women who went through the most terrible experiences of their lives, surrounded by death and carnage, losing friends and loved ones, seeing things that would change their lives forever? How do you say thank you to those who went through all this with the belief that their one life, whether lost or saved, could make a difference, had to make a difference, for our sake, the generation they had not even met yet? How do you say thank you to the men and women who had faith in us before we were even born, faith that we would become people worth fighting for, and worth dying for?

How do you say thank you? You honour their sacrifice with your own life. You go to war against your faults and failures. You conquer all the things inside you that make this world a worse place to live in. Worse for your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers. You fight to make the small space in the world that you touch a better place. You win the battle for your own soul. You be good and do good. You live selflessly, remembering the example that the veterans, both living and dead, laid down for us. You live life so well that those who remember the horrors of war look on you with satisfaction and pride and are comforted, never feeling for a moment that you weren't worth the price they paid.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Why leap beneath the tease of dangling dreams,
that mock me with the thought of grasping them
but hang there just above my grandest schemes,
contentments that my failing hands condemn?
What's heaven for but proof of what I lack?
It hides above the stars I'll never touch.
The wishes lost to them I can't get back,
and hope for it becomes a feeble crutch.
But if my heart is fixed on simple things --
a hug from you, a kiss beside the fire --
those cruel dreams can keep their mocking wings,
for I have grasped all things that I desire.
   Let other men pursue a "dream come true";
   I'll be content for life just holding you.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


There were never smiles
at bedtime
instead we gnashed
our teeth
against the villainous night
and tried to wrestle sleep
from our schedules
there were suddenly
a million things to do
before bed
but Night-time stood
menacingly in our doorways
with one dark eyebrow
cocked above a persistent
angry frown
"Sleep! Sleep!" it roared
"Now is the time for sleep!"
our bedroom doors creaked shut
like coffins
and with pale frightened faces
we closed our eyes
and ran through the black tunnel
toward the light of dawn
as fast as we could

Friday, 9 April 2010


There she is, in the jar
On the highest shelf
The cookie that I want so much
But can’t reach;
I am too short

Thursday, 8 April 2010


What's wrong with those who dodge blind Cupid's aim?
Could it be fear that drives them from life's light,
of being burned by love's consuming flame,
and shedding tears when love has taken flight?
Why do they fear their soul's one source of food:
to know another's heart inside and out,
and have their own heart bared and freely viewed
by one whose love they cannot do without.
Their hearts are safe from pain but have no spark
of joy that makes the safety worth the cost.
They die alone, neglected in the dark;
the joy they could have been to you is lost.
   It's not the pain of loss that murders hearts,
   but fear of it before love even starts.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


My soul whispers
like the buried sound
of a ticking clock
that keeps time all day
the roar of our lives
and is only heard
when all else is quiet
in the silence of the night

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


She lies, hazy yet bright,
behind the veil of dreams,
almost two dimensional in my mind.
Her eyes lending colour
to the pale shadows
that dance across her face,
like candles behind frosted glass.
They fill me with her heat
from behind the veil of dreams
and my heart is alive in my chest
with love for her
when she rises and comes to me,
tearing through the paper screen
On which the dream Denise is projected.
She kisses me, adding a third dimension,
soft, sweet and blinding,
showing me all the secret joys
that exist behind the veil of dreams.
When I open my eyes
she is there.
She speaks from deep inside her,
"I love you,"
drowning me in the bleeding emotion
that oozes thickly from the words.
I stretch my shallow voice to reply
but my words only collapse
under the secret joys
behind the veil of dreams

Monday, 5 April 2010


It's not love's end that breaks my heart in two;
It's not the empty hand or faded smile;
It's not the loss of things we used to do;
It's losing dreams that made my life worthwhile,
and letting go of hope that kills my heart --
that turns my flesh into an icy tomb
that, living still, my soul cannot depart,
in chains of pain that Death cannot consume.
For all the things I'd hoped would come to pass
are living still within Love's lifeless corpse.
I feel them there, still living, but alas
they're gone, save those my hopeful vision warps.
   Love's end is not the cause of death it seems,
   but when you turned away, you killed my dreams.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


She's sitting there
with her legs open,
pressing a dead rose
into a scrap book
next to a poem
about a dead rose
in a scrap book.
And the poem
is about lost innocence.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


The night sang me a song,
a deep, beautiful ballad.
It oozed over in the cold, darkness:
warm, sweet honey on my skin...

It cut me deep and made me cry,
banadging me with bed sheets,
still singing in the cold, darkness,
kissing the wounds it made.

Too sad, too sweet, too soon,
sunrise silenced that sweet song;
it faded as the darkness fled,
scared off by the morning's roaring light.

The cold, dark night came back again,
and again, and again, and again,
but the music never returned;
the sad, sweet song is gone.

Now the night tells me jokes instead,
many pointless, cruel jokes
whose punch lines I've forgotten,
the humour subtly mocking me.

And shovels full of cold dark night
slowly cover up that memory.
(...honey on my skin, in the cold, dark night,
warm,sweet honey on my skin...)

Friday, 2 April 2010


The days of life have stained my soul with flaws
that buried deep the light I used to shine.
Those flaws kept me below within their claws,
beyond the light of life that once was mine.
You found me there and looked on me with tears
that one so loved as me should fall so far.
I raised my gaze and saw beyond my fears
that I had been destroyed by guilt's deep scar.
For you showed me those faults aren't who I am;
mistakes I've made won't dictate who I'll be.
And now at last I'm letting go of them;
that shame was drowned within your love for me.
   O happy death, to die inside of you,
   whose gracious love revives my light anew.