Thursday, 15 March 2018


Great spirits in this life are truly rare
igniting flames of hope when people doubt
but evil hearts can see them way up there
and lights that threaten dark are soon snuffed out
If their light dies, how will our spirits cope?
we stumble blind with all the heroes gone
what spark will then revive the light of hope,
and give our hearts the strength to carry on?
But in their wake, those spirits leave a trail
a glimmer through the dark that can't be killed
we must protect that light, for if we fail
the darkness will destroy the world we build
   we cannot stop to weep when heroes die
   pick up the torch and follow where they fly

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Your riches placed you on a golden throne
and tricked you into thinking you're a king
but others face this cruel world alone
and there you feast while they lie suffering
It's not a sin to reap what blessings flowed
but don't forget your helpless soul was freed
He gave his life to pay the debt you owed
You should at least give help to those in need
But if you shun the poor with no concern
we know that's not a heart he will applaud
For every living soul will take its turn
to give account before almighty God
   It's those who help the poor who please the Lord
   but if you don't, your cries will be ignored

Saturday, 3 February 2018


what if the letter n was autonomous
what if it could decide for itself
it didn't want any part of being in the phrase

violent and angry racist mob

what if it would rather be part of

innocent children sharing their lunch

what if all the letters could decide for themselves
what words and phrases they wanted to be part of
what if n led the way, and slowly others followed
suddenly some things wouldn't make sense anymore

v  l  t   d a g y r c  t m  s would disperse
and go share their lunch

what if we could all stop and think
about what makes sense
that we only have one life
and make ourselves part of better things

Monday, 29 January 2018


So many people come and go in life
Like feathers on a breeze, they’re here and gone
But losing some can cut you like a knife
and life is weakened when that blade’s withdrawn
But sometimes winds will change and friends return
Then laughter, fun, and memories revive
It’s through the pain and loneliness we learn
how much those precious friends kept us alive
A treasure lost can devastate your heart
and haunt you as the memories grow old
But though you spend so many years apart
when found again, they’re no less solid gold
   A lifelong friend is never truly lost
   when Fate herself made sure your threads are crossed

Saturday, 30 December 2017


There's a poem in the night
Alive beyond my comprehension
Wishing I would pay attention
And carry it into the light

There's a whisper in the dark
Hiding just beyond my muffled hearing
And it fades as dawn is nearing
Before my pen has made its mark

There's a spark of life out there
Look at how that lost soul glistens
Crying out to he who listens
Let her lay the meaning bare

But there's danger in that glow
That strange power can be scary
And it's far safer if I bury
My head in things I know.

Yet I fear the dawn the most
When that spark begins abating
And my weary ear sits waiting
For dictation from a ghost

Monday, 20 November 2017


your soul has navigated
the beats of a billion
butterfly wings
in infinite space
and eons of time
that might have
erased you forever
and here you are
wondering why


just take another selfish breath
and smile in the darkness
you brief, pointless miracle
it will be over soon enough

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


it's easy enough to say
"i love you"
many said it before
and later walked away

but relentlessly standing there
by my side
in darkest days
when it cost you everything to care

then leading me out of that dark hole
toward the light
of all my dreams:
you said "i love you" with your soul

thank you

Saturday, 22 April 2017


We are all walking
down a very narrow road
some side by side
some before or behind
some with places to go
   things to do
some aimless
but walking, nevertheless

We are all walking
so near each other
on this narrow road
we feel each other's warmth

But each has his own
or so he thinks
so none of us
walk together

Saturday, 29 October 2016


You heroes of such great renown
just doing your job, as you were told
You brave police who beat them down
so they can pipe their poison gold

Was there a line you wouldn't cross?
You fired on them while they prayed
Showing them who's really boss
How dare they faced you, unafraid

Though in the end they couldn't save
the water from a well-armed fool
They showed the world who's truly brave
and who is savage, mad, and cruel

The dying millions give you thanks
The job where you were once employed
put so much money in their banks
but now the water's been destroyed

You've no excuse. It's all on you.
You made the choice. Your soul defied.
But since your kids need water, too
You had to watch them as they died.

Now everything has all gone south
And everyone you love is dead
Please take that pistol from your mouth
And drink a glass of water instead

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


They say that when you die your spirit soars
into the stars above this dreary globe
and others think you walk down peaceful shores
reviewing life to earn a shining robe
but though I might offend our God most high
I dare not set a foot on heaven’s stair
it’s beautiful up there where angels fly
but can’t be paradise with you elsewhere
I know it hurts, but cut a little hole
and carve a place to fit me like a glove
for heaven’s gate to me is in your soul
please hide me there inside your deepest love
     I cannot rest in peace eternally
     unless it be within your love for me

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


You go to school to learn to read and write.
You conquer math, and maybe take the arts.
But where's the course in treating others right?
Why don't we study healing broken hearts?
It's pain that gives the worst teaching of all.
The test comes first, the lesson after that.
But no one's there to help you when you fall,
and Life will never take you where you're at.
A chosen few might stumble through this world,
and find the things they need to pass the Test,
but by the time that wisdom is unfurled,
the need for it was long since laid to rest.
     But learn to hear the teachings of your soul
     and you've already reached the final goal.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I think the trick to writing well is hate,
for who can write a classic when they’re calm?
But when hot anger drives you to create,
your heart explodes as deadly as a bomb.
It’s passion that sends soldiers off to war,
the same red heat that tempts a lover's play.
But anger sends the soldier back for more,
while boredom makes young lover’s lust decay
Tell ladies their love's worth a heavy cost.
Such sweetness might just woo them into bed.
But as sheets cool, such sentiments are lost.
The angry poem remains when love is dead.
     I’d rather read a sonnet full of rage
     than see a sappy ending mar the page.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015


We dance beneath the place where angels tread
the stars are up there twinkling in the sky
but I would rather look at you instead
and wish upon the sparkle in your eye
The mournful trumpet singing in the night
tells sullen tales of lonely souls out there
it feels wrong while holding you so tight
and your soft cheek on mine seems so unfair
But if I'm friends with Fortune's random chance
just for a while, I'll gladly pay the debt
what do I owe for this exquisite dance?
though I pay dear, I never will forget
     the lady causes heaven to descend
     I only wish this song would never end

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


looking up at those two stars
it made me realize
before I fell down here
I was never truly alive
and now that I am
I'm not afraid to die

before I saw those stars
life was just a dream
a lie, a fantasy
but then I came alive
and I'm still awake
inside the memory

they opened up the door
to life and peace and liberty
eternity and unity
if I give myself completely
to the light I see in them
I'll live forever

then why should I
be afraid to die?
death has no power
compared to the memory
of being filled with light
spilling so freely from you

   You'll never really understand
   how absolutely safe you are
   from ever feeling unloved
   unwanted, unadored
   as long as love exists
   those two shining stars
   are breath itself to me

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


There is thunder in the night
so beautiful, it's scary
but nothing else is right

There is a secret up that stair
a heaven I won't know
though I plainly see it there

There is a knife in the soul
it cuts and wounds and hurts me
but also makes me whole

There is a song in the air
so deep, it's unfathomable
but it's me who put it there

There is a missing piece I need
I've learned to live without it
but the wound will always bleed

There is a hand in the cold
that would have been life's meaning
that I will never hold

There is thunder in the night
the thunder brings us terror
but also gives us light

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Monday, 10 February 2014


I said goodbye
after lunch
that random summer day
I said thanks and
see you soon

I never knew
it was forever

If I'd seen it in your eye, that sad
and lonely, faraway look, then I
I would have hugged you longer
I would have talked some more
told you how important you are
to me, how much you mean and
always have. I would have wept

That goodbye
after lunch
that random summer day
was silent as time
and just as final

"Goodbye. See you soon..."

I never knew
and someday that thief will come for me.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


little boys will play at war
hacking with their wooden swords

they'll beat each other black and blue
'til arms and legs and heads are sore

never knowing how to win
or what they're even fighting for

luckily, they grow to men
and don't play that game any more

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


A little bit of fear begins to flow
like blood released beneath a careless knife
a single dripping thought: that I don’t know
one inkling of the meaning to this life
another cut, and now I wonder why
the bad go on while those you love are lost
apparently, what’s right does not apply
what’s right and fair and logical was tossed
and now the angry thoughts come rushing out
the open wound, and all the pain I feel
comes pouring forth with all my darkest doubt
a flood of fears that mental wounds reveal
   Time can heal wounds of every kind
   but what can stop the bleeding in my mind?


for me to live, some other life must die
I’m living still, but I have never learned
the answer to the simple question: why
such sacrifice for life I haven’t earned
for every little thing my days require
the food and drink, and all my other needs
are wasted gifts, like flowers on a pyre
if there’s no real profit in my deeds
the finish line is looming in the race
but let my crossing over be delayed
if I can make the world a better place
then maybe this great debt might be repaid
   I owe so much to gracious mother earth
   perhaps she knows how much I’m truly worth

Thursday, 13 June 2013


in the beautiful golden sunshine
beneath the canopy of lush, life-giving green
where birds sing praises for every breath
beside the sparkling waters of the stream
the beautiful children are killing each other

the sun shines on
painting the green in golden light
and turning the waters to liquid diamonds
with the music of life all around
the beautiful children scream and cry and hate

but when the fighting stops
the trees will be cut down
the animals will be hunted to extinction
the stream will be blackened with oil
and the sky will be darkened with the smoke
of their industry, their progress, their unity

let them fight
forever children
never growing up

Thursday, 11 April 2013


after I am gone
they'll probably say
that I loved life

I didn't
life hated me
life abused me
life abandoned me

I loved people, though
my favourite people
are the only reason
I'm still here

you were all
so precious to me
I put up with all this crap
just to spend more time
with you

and if you
should ever miss me
just love the things I loved
and give each other hugs

Friday, 17 August 2012


each night I lie my head upon my bed
and sleep, my one escape from life descends
then free from cares, I fly with you instead
up heaven's stairs until the nighttime ends
such perfect bliss the darkest slumber brings
and though I know this dream's a false facade
your smile lifts my soul like angel's wings
and in your eyes I see a hint of God
for love's forgiven all of my mistakes
and for my sins, your kisses will atone
but heaven ends the moment morning breaks
and once again my soul will be alone
   Though I may never see love in your eyes
   I'll rest in peace in nighttime's sweetest lies

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Though others look at her and see her eyes
apparently they're blind to all that's there
and she herself will never realize
that she can slay with just a simple stare
for when I look at her I can't pretend
that she is just a normal pretty girl
my heart is slain and now I must ascend
as hurricanes of love begin to swirl
but I'll climb up where angels freely fly
it's dizzying and scary, but I know
that starry sky will make me wonder why
those blinded fools would ever let her go
   and though i die, I cannot help but praise
   the stairway up to heaven in her gaze