Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I once thought only you could own my heart,
that none but you could ever claim that throne,
that without you, my life would fall appart,
and if you left I'd always be alone.
And when you walked away I was destroyed.
Life went on, but I just couldn't cope.
My dreams of love were cast into a void.
My soul felt dead and I lost all my hope.
But time marched on and healed that despair,
and looking back from here I finally see,
I'd thought you were the answer to my prayer,
but God has something greater planned for me.
   One simple truth has calmed my darkest fear:
   If you were my true love, you'd still be here.

1 comment:

deborahvallier said...

Although no words could quite convey, How much I love you every day, The joy I feel when you are near, the loneliness when you're not here...Still may these words somehow impart the loving feelings in my heart to tell you what you know is true...I'll always be in love with you..

Something I wrote a few months ago =)