Tuesday, 11 May 2010


If my heart should ever fail
and I give up on you,
If I let my fear prevail
and selfishness break through,

If I abandon all my dreams
of holding you each day,
If I grow deaf to passion's screams
and let my focus stray,

If I turn my heart away
from all you've done for me,
If I let resolve decay
and set my angel free,

If destiny is just a lie
not even worth the fight,
If it's wrong to even try
to set the errors right,

Then what's the point of going on,
if you've lost your guiding star?
Without a star to wish upon,
you've lost a part of who you are.

The very thought enrages me
such weakness I condemn.
For loving you courageously
is part of who I am

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