Sunday, 28 March 2010


There's a star in my night,
shining in the darkness,
guiding my eye higher,
leading me, a brave sailor,
through night's black tunnel.
And she sparkles there
holding back hell's void;
a pinhole glimpse of heaven.
Yet she wobbles,
twinkling and spinning,
as though she might
disappear from my night
letting hope come unpinned,
letting darkness win.
She doesn't know she's a star to me,
shining in my night.
She feels lost herself
small, afraid, alone,
searching her own sky for guidance,
and finding me,
as soul as lost as she.
But she's a star to me,
pinning hope of heaven
to hell's void,
and guiding me alone
through night's black tunnel --
a light I long to touch.

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