Saturday, 29 October 2016


You heroes of such great renown
just doing your job, as you were told
You brave police who beat them down
so they can pipe their poison gold

Was there a line you wouldn't cross?
You fired on them while they prayed
Showing them who's really boss
How dare they faced you, unafraid

Though in the end they couldn't save
the water from a well-armed fool
They showed the world who's truly brave
and who is savage, mad, and cruel

The dying millions give you thanks
The job where you were once employed
put so much money in their banks
but now the water's been destroyed

You've no excuse. It's all on you.
You made the choice. Your soul defied.
But since your kids need water, too
You had to watch them as they died.

Now everything has all gone south
And everyone you love is dead
Please take that pistol from your mouth
And drink a glass of water instead

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