Tuesday, 6 May 2014


looking up at those two stars
it made me realize
before I fell down here
I was never truly alive
and now that I am
I'm not afraid to die

before I saw those stars
life was just a dream
a lie, a fantasy
but then I came alive
and I'm still awake
inside the memory

they opened up the door
to life and peace and liberty
eternity and unity
if I give myself completely
to the light I see in them
I'll live forever

then why should I
be afraid to die?
death has no power
compared to the memory
of being filled with light
spilling so freely from you

   You'll never really understand
   how absolutely safe you are
   from ever feeling unloved
   unwanted, unadored
   as long as love exists
   those two shining stars
   are breath itself to me

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