Thursday, 10 June 2010



The atoms of an atheist
do not believe that he exists
But he believes in them, so small,
but not in God who made us all.


If Adam's little atoms don't believe,
how will they ever become one with Eve?
If Adam and his Eve aren't even one,
no wonder there's no peace beneath the sun.


If I believe my enemy
is made of atoms, just like me,
and atoms, made of energy,
are made of God, then so is he.

Then how come we feel enmity?
If God is love, then so are we.
The sin is in our liberty
to reject God and him and me.

And if we choose stupidity,
denying things we cannot see,
clinging to pride so callously,
then peace on Earth will never be.

And all this animosity
is 'cause I first rejected me,
deceiving myself, ironically,
because atoms are all that I see.

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