Saturday, 8 May 2010


Such a pile of stuff I must sort through
the overwhelming chore that eats my day
so many other things I'd rather do
It takes too long to clear this pile away
Every little thing here has a place
but all I do is sit all day and stare
I'm worried by the trouble I will face
But this task is more than I can bear
And the day is quickly flying by
I might as well get up and get it done
I pick things up and sort them with a sigh
so far behind the racing summer sun
I hear the happy laughter from the park
But I've still got to do so many things
By the time I'm done it will be dark
I'm missing all the joy that summer brings
And one by one my friends go home to bed
while I throw my treasures on the shelf
the ticking clock has filled me with such dread
I fear that I'll be out there by myself
It seems like I've been doing this since dawn
I spent the whole day cleaning up my room
The sun has set and all my friends are gone
I weep alone inside this tidy tomb

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