Sunday, 23 May 2010


When I cannot deal with reality,
when life's pressures are overwhelming me,
you promise me lies that all will be well,
and lies are okay, compared to this hell.

You make me forget the pain of the fight,
the same way a sunrise drowns out the night.
The night is still there when I close my eyes,
but when I'm with you, the agony dies.

But there's just one thing I don't understand.
Do I simply have my head in the sand,
or is what you say the only thing true?
If truth causes pain, I'd rather have you.

Is it okay to just change how you feel,
and never to deal with things that are real?
Choosing a dream over being afraid
seems like it might be a pretty good trade.

But this inner cry will never be quiet.
Pain, when ignored, breaks into a riot.
It may be a lie, but I just want peace.
I only want this whole riot to cease.

Please cut through my soul like a cold steel knife
Dying with you is far better than life.
A lover, a bottle, a god, or dreams
are all simply ways to drown a soul's screams.

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