Monday, 31 May 2010


There are sunshiny beaches, lined with priceless gold,
flowing in waves with each gently sighing wind.
And there are deep, deceptively warm crystal blue seas,
crashing over me with life, power, and mystery
Sunsets in coral skies, kissing me, filling me
with sweet heat, promising the starry night
The night opens wide, receiving me,
wrapping around me--ecstasy, until all is blurry
It moves over me--the sands, the sea, the sky,
and now the moon and a million exploding stars
I lie in this dream, this diamond universe,
staring up in awe, naked, awake, alive, so very warm
The sky captures my kiss; the moon presses into me,
the sand slides over me, the sea looks into me
And the infinite stars, they love me back,
endlessly, carelessly, ecstatically--they know me.

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