Friday, 16 April 2010


The sunset is so beautiful
before the death of the day
blazing across the universe
in my eyes, gold magenta
fading to black, falling away

the story ending in such glory
dropping into blackness
before my eyes, orange light
splitting, spread like arms
brilliant streaks reaching
the bottoms of the clouds
saying goodbye,
the clouds glowing themselves
in reply: "Please, don't go...
Don't give up. Stay forever."

the blinding radiance
fading, dying, dimming out
my breath is snatched away
I stand in awe, gaping
this treasure more beautiful
than gold, and as fleeting
as a dream, a mere memory

the last beam stretching
above the covetous horizon
sets the tears in my eye
aflame, like slippery jewels,
liquid amber flowing down
and falling away

the stars, cold and silent
creep up behind me
reminding me that it's over
the day has died
and everything else is
loneliness, emptiness
darkness, and fear
the blackened sky offers
nothing, except the wish
for an eternal day.

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