Friday, 26 March 2010


Imagine a night sky without clouds.

Imagine the endless black above
   without a single twinkling star,
   and no moon.

Imagine the dark, flat surface
   of a bottomless ocean,
   stretching around a singular circle of horizon,
   unbroken by any visible shore.

Imagine the water, still as a mirror,
   reflecting nothing,
   unrippled by the slightest breath of breeze.

Imagine a little ship on that bleak ocean,
   floating in the dark,
   without a single light shining from it,
   its sails hanging limply from the masts
   like great white leaves on a dead tree.

Imagine the bunks empty; there is no crew.

Imagine the lonely captain,
   resting with his cheek on his hand,
   staring out into the darkness
   over the rail of the motionless ship,
   looking older than his years,
   looking faded, thin, weak,
   too weary even for tears.

Imagine time passing through that night,
   on that hopeless sea
   out of which the sun will never rise.

Imagine me without you.

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