Monday, 22 March 2010


a cup without a handle
walking by
with so much warmth inside
I wanna drink it dry
but though I gulp it down
more spills over the side
you cannot swallow beauty
drinking with your eye
until I find a handle
my thirst will be denied
and the cup still running over
in my eye


Anonymous said...

I have been reading most of your poems on what you have written so far.The "Arrow"" hit me and most the of the thee others ,,,,I find some so sad ,,is this the way you are feeling?,,Whatever they are all beautiful poems, Never give up ,Have Hope and Believe in you,,I do!Keep up the good works in your poems I love them .,,Your Friend Anne

Kevin Ranville said...

I was feeling this way at one point. I'm doing okay now though. The thing to remember is that some of these poems are from as far back as 20 years ago. Most of them are within the past five years.

Thanks, Anne.